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FAQ's » Installation and Setup

In what direction and what angle I have to install the Tooway™ satellite system?
The angle and orientation of the satellite system and the color of the spot beams is to be chosen depending on the location of the satellite dish. With KA Sat Satellite finder shown below, the needed datas can be identified online. At the same time a blue colored line will shows you the aligned direction in which the satellite system has to be pointed.
I chose at the setup steps the given color spot beam from KA-Sat Finder, but I do get no sufficiently strong signal.
Please check at shown below with the tool if your installation location may covered by two spot beams. In this case, it may occasionally happen that the second spot beam works better than the one recommended from the KA satellite finder.
Is there a video for installing and setting up the satellite dish?
Here you will find a video that explain the installation and setup of the satellite system in several steps simply and clearly.
How can I measure my Internet speed?
Please note that not all the Internet tools available are suitable for speed measurement for Tooway™. Most tools are only suitable for ADSL Internet connections, one of the few tools that was developed specifically for satellite Internet is available in the link below. Please notice that this speed test only works for a tooway Internet connection.
Speed Test
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