FAQ's - Service Questions

How fast is Tooway™?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Tooway™ offers downlink speeds of up to 30mbps depending on the tariff and Uplink speeds at up to 6mbps.

Can I install the satellite system by myself?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Installation is recommend by our trained installer network or via your distributors. Nevertheless, self-installation is possible by carefully following the antenna assembly and pointing instructions. Particular attention is given to the pointing phase which has to be much more precise than for television reception.

How much does tooway satellite internet cost?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Thanks to the use of standardized technology for the equipment and the use of the Ka satellite band for transmission, Tooway™ is able to offer the service at virtually the same monthly fee as ADSL. Prices and sales conditions are available on our website.

Do I need a telephone line?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? No, Tooway™ does not require any cable or phone lines.

Are there any minimum requirements for computers?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Not normally. Any computer (MAC, Windows or Linux OS) with an embedded network interface card (100/1000 Mbps) can be connected to the satellite modem. And more importantly, no additional hardware or computer software is required.

Can I integrate Tooway™ into my private home network?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Yes, you simply need to connect an IP Router between the network in your home and the satellite modem. Alternatively, take a look at our offered accessories as not all available router are suitable in combination with the tooway modem.

Can I use a wireless (WIFI) home network with Tooway™?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Yes, by using a WIFI router you can use your tooway satellite internet connection without any cables.

Does Tooway™ offer triple-play services?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Tooway™ gives you access to satellite television by adding a small piece of equipment to the satellite dish. This allows free-to-air and pay-tv channels to be received.
Tooway™ can also support telephone through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Can I play online games with Tooway™?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? In principle yes, but it is not recommended to play so called "first-person shooter" games because of the significantly longer ping times (approximately 600 – 650 ms).

Can I watch television with Tooway™?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Yes, Tooway™ can receive satellite television through a television feed added on to the satellite dish. The advantage of receiving satellite television via a seperate multifeed is, that it does not impact your includes internet data allowance.

What is Tooway™?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? Tooway™ is a bidirectional high speed satellite internet service for Internet access. Bidirectional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for any fixed lines.

How do I know if Tooway™ is suitable for me?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? If you’re faced with the prospect of "dial-up-only" Internet access, then Tooway™ is the right option for you. It offers a high speed Internet access to you wherever you are located.

What equipment / hardware do I need?

Was ist Internet via Satellit? All you need is a tooway satellite dish and modem (Standard satellite tv dishes are not suitable for tooway). No additional software needs to be installed on your computer to get internet access via Tooway™.